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Dreaming Dead

Dreaming Dead is Los Angeles' answer to underground mediocrity and mainstream banality. Formed in 2006 by frontwoman Elizabeth Schall and drummer Mike Caffell, Dreaming Dead continues to capture the attention of audiences and listeners across the globe. Whether through pummeling fans as a live act, or releasing fist-pumping albums, Dreaming Dead is consistently in the business of turning heads. With two previously released full-length albums under their belt - Within One & Midnightmares - Dreaming Dead currently prepares to release their 3rd full-length album titled Funeral Twilight. The band lineup continues with the usual suspects Schall, Caffell & McCarthy and recently united with returning Manslaughter bassist William Palacios-Toledo.

Expect a crushing new album in 2015 as the Funeral Twilight nears...


Guitar Setup with Elizabeth Schall

  In my early guitar playing days I was at a complete loss on how to properly tune my instrument, let alone how to adjust a Floyd. So I went to school and learned how. In a very humble effort to assist all you fellow shredders in keeping your axe in tune and fret-buzz free, I […]



Director Pete Leininger has presented us with his vision of Midnightmares, capturing a sense of dreamy miasma, filled with an abstracted look and enhanced by a slow shutter speed to add unrealistic motion blur. The title track to Dreaming Dead’s sophomore album, which in Elizabeth’s own words, is the personified idea of fear, how fear […]

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